Psagot Edom

Size: 750ml

Psagot Edom

This full-bodied wine was aged for 14 months in French and American oak barrels, giving it rich and spicy vanilla notes that integrate nicely with the intense flavors of berries, black currants, and oriental spice. 
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Kosher Wine

Not Mevushal

Wine Styles

Red-Smooth and Supple

Additional Notes

While the first bottles of Psagot Wine were introduced in 2002, the winery makes use of facilities that date to antiquity. Psagot Wine is aged in a special cave containing winemaking implements that date to at least the time of the Second Temple. The combination of ancient tradition and sophisticated technology adds to the allure and mystique of this boutique winemaker. The local vineyards yield a distinctively mineral-tasting grape, which surprises and delights the palate. All Psagot Wine labels bear the image of the ancient cave now used as the aging room, a reminder of the long tradition and hard work that bring this heavenly bottle to your table.
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