Matar Cumulus

Size: 750ml

Matar Cumulus

This blend has both a soft texture coupled with a distinct minty flavor and a hint of light spice. The grapes were grown in the Galilee, harvested manually and aged for 14 months in oak barrels.
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Kosher Wine

Not Mevushal

Wine Styles

Red-Smooth and Supple

Additional Notes

One of our most favorite wineries in all of Israel is Pelter Winery in the remote Golan Heights kibbutz of En Zivan just off Hiway 91, in the shadow of Mt Avital. The winery is the creation of Tal Pelter and brother Nir in 2005. While the winery is “rustic” the wines are anything but. Tal is merciless when it comes to quality production. His wines are award winners in so many categories. The late Daniel Rogov, famous Israeli wine critic, hailed Tal Pelter as a rising star. The winery carries the coveted 5* rating.
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