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Tomatin Distillery Co. Ltd.

10/29/2017 8:02:30 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
Pronounced: TO-ma-tin or To-MA-tin. Built: 1897. Current Owner: Takara Shuzo and Okura & Co Ltd. Production Capacity: 5,000,000 liters.  House style: Malty, spicy and rich. Tomatin is believed to have been built on the site of a small illicit distillery dating back to the 15th century. Located 16 miles south of Inverness, and is now Scotland's largest malt distillery in terms of capacity, although it only had two stills up until 1956. Following this time the distillery began a program of rapid expansion ending in 1974 when twelve stills were added bringing the total number up to 23. Tomatin Distillers went into liquidation in 1985 and the distillery was sold to Takara & Okura Consortium of Japan, making the Tomatin distillery the first to be owned outright by a Japanese company. Tomatin means 'hill of the bushes', and takes it water from the Allt-na-Frithe or 'free burn' a tributary of the river Findhorn. The whisky is available as a single malt through the distillery owners and is a filling in several blended whiskies.


The Macallan Distillers Limited

10/29/2017 7:58:32 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
The Macallan Distillery is probably one of the most famous brands in the whisky industry today. The distillery is three miles from Craigellachie which is the heart of the Speyside region. Even though Macallan is located in the heart of Speyside they have labeled it a Highland malt. The distillery was founded in 1824 and was named the ‘Elchies Distillery’. Macallan has 8 wash stills and 18 spirit stills and produces around 8,000,000 liters a year. In 2001 Macallan opened up a new visitor center. The tour that Macallan provides is very in depth and is great if you are just starting out and learning all about whisky. It shows all the processes and the maturation all the way down to microscopic slides so you can understand what happens. It is worth visiting.


The Glenlivet Distilling Company

10/29/2017 7:54:18 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
In 1817, George Smith inherited the farm distillery from his father Andrew Smith. His father had been distilling illegally on the site since 1774. George Smith was still distilling illegally before he applied for a license in 1824. It was officially licensed in 1824 and was the first distillery in the region to be licensed. This made George Smith very unpopular with his fellow distillers. George Smith had many threats on his life, so his friend George Gordon gifted Smith two flintlock pistols. These pistols can still be found at the distillery in their museum. Glenlivet whisky was so popular that other distilleries in the area would put ‘Glenlivet’ on their bottles. After many years of court battles Glenlivet won the battle to be called ‘The Glenlivet’ and no one else could use that name. In 1858, George and his son John Gordon moved from the original site, Upper Drummin and built a bigger distillery about a mile away on the new site, Minmore Farm. The distillery is currently owned by Pernod Richard. The distillery has fourteen stills, seven wash and seven spirit. They produce a huge 10,500,000 liters a year. House Style: Flowery, fruity & peachy. 


The BenRiach Distillery

10/29/2017 7:51:59 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
Benriach Distillery is found in Longmorn, Morayshire, just outside of Elgin. Benriach was founded by John Duff & Co in 1898 but was quickly sold in 1899 to Longmorn Distilleries Co. The distillery was mothballed in 1903 and did not reopen until 1965 when new owners, The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd, bought the distillery. Benriach decommissioned their malting’s in 1999. Now the current owners, Benriach Distillery Company Ltd, have decided to produce part of their requirement of malt at the distillery again. This is great news as there are only about six distilleries still doing some of their own malting. This is fantastic as it will allow more people to witness this great process. Benriach has four stills, two wash and two spirit stills. They produce around 2,800,000 liters of spirit a year. House Style: Cookie like, with touches of butterscotch.  A mid afternoon malt.


The Balvenie Distillery

10/29/2017 7:49:51 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
Balvenie Distillery was built in 1892 in Dufftown. The distillery sits just in the shadow of Balvenie Castle. The Distillery was built by W. & J. Grant, owners of the Glenfiddich distillery. The distillery was fitted with second hand stills from Lagavulin and Glen Albyn distilleries. To this day Balvenie still does some of their own floor malting’s, about 5% of their annual needs. For the first 6 hours of the 48 hour drying process they use peat and the remaining 42 hours they use coal. This gives them a slight smoky flavor to their whisky. They say it is around 5ppm. (Parts per million) Balvenie has been owned by William Grant & Sons since 1892. The distillery has 5 wash stills and 6 spirit stills producing 5,600,000 litres a year. House Style: The most honeyish of malts, with a distinctively orangey note. Luxurious. Best after dinner.


Talisker Distillery

10/29/2017 7:47:50 PM     Spirit Brand Profiles     By Scott     Comments
Built: 1840. Current Owner: Diageo. Production Capacity: 1,900,000 liters. House style: A little peaty, but particularly peppery, this "Lava of the Cuillins" is undoubtedly one of the greats with a complex of heather, rope and smoke. Talisker is the only distillery on Skye. The word ‘talisker’ can be derived from the High Scots word Talamh Sgeir and refers to the echo cliff which lies close to the distillery. In 1823 there were seven licensed distilleries recorded on Skye, not to mention the dozens of illicit stills that would have been operating as well. A significant part of the production at Talisker is used in the popular Johnnie Walker whisky. However, the number of official single malt bottlings has increased in recent years. Talisker is known primarily for their 10 year-old single malt which is also included in the ‘Six Classic Malts’ collection.


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