Tulip - Wine That Loves People

Tulip - Wine That Loves People

February 13th, New York City. The annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE).  An opportunity for side-by-side tastings of some of the best, the newest, the most unique kosher wine offerings from around the world. A place where winemakers come to share the stories of their vineyards and the passion they pour into each and every bottle. We were lucky enough to attend and spend time with many of the vineyard owners and winemakers, including one of our favorites: Tulip Winery.

Established by the Itzhaki family in 2003, one of the things that sets this boutique winery apart is the way in which it combines its love of wine with its love of people.Tulip exemplifies the perfect integration of quality wine production and social responsibility.

The vineyard, located on a mountainside in Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope), is a settlement whose population consists of people with special needs and the winemakers have embraced this community in an effort to help them develop, grow and reach their maximum potential. It’s an exciting model putting a spotlight on how these community members can contribute, can work, can integrate into mainstream society.

But that’s only half the story. The rest is about wine making. Really great winemaking. Combining innovation and creativity to choose the best grapes, create extraordinary blends and produce wines that are revered in Israel and exported to numerous countries around the world. The result? Tulip is Israel’s largest boutique winery, producing approximately 220,000 bottles of wine annually and firmly establishing itself as one of the industry leaders in the kosher wine market.

We would have liked to taste their entire flight of wines, but with dozens of the finest kosher winemakers in the room (and only one liver) we needed to limit our samplings to just a few:

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - Blended from the superior harvest of Tulip’s five best vineyards, some in the Judean Hills and some in Upper Galilee, this wine has aromas of cherry, cassis and black fruits with a dash of vanilla, black pepper and toasted wood.  

Why We Like It: The Cabernets of Israel are on par with the finest Cabernets in the world and this one is a prime example. It’s full bodied, with touches of spice and a really nice long finish. 

Syrah Reserve - One of the most highly acclaimed Israeli wines on the international scale. Exhibiting prominent aromas of dark flowers, black fruits and eucalyptus, its deep dense inky color, full body, rich flavors and long, smooth finish are truly characteristic of the varietal. 

Why We Like It: Bold, mouth-coating and ripe with fruity goodness, Syrah is one of the best food-pairing wine varietals. We loved how this one worked with the rib-eye beef sampled at the event.

Black Tulip - One of the best wines made in Israel, it’s a full bodied, elegant and truly impressive blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot.

Why We Like It: Simply put, it was one of the best wines we tasted all day. Plus, the label has a really great story, too. Tulip’s owner, Roy Itzhaki, desired something unique for his flagship wine, something that represented the winery’s spirit and beliefs. He initiated an art competition for the mentally challenged adults from four social organizations and a winner was selected. The colorful drawing chosen, by David Ashkenazi, a member of the Akim organization is now on every bottle of Black Tulip wine and teaches an important lesson: “We can label wines, not humans.”

If you weren’t able to attend the KFWE or haven’t yet tried the amazing wines from Tulip Winery, Wine Country has one of the largest selections of kosher wine available, including the full assortment of offerings from Tulip.  
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